Have you been thinking and talking about taking care of your body and your mental wellbeing? Is 2023 the year when you want to start a change in your life that will take you closer to your goals and to be more happy, peacefull and full?

No matter how much we want something, change is difficult. But as Robin Sharma says "All change is hard at first, messy in the middle and so gorgeous at the end". So, we know at the end of the initial struggle we will find a reality that is much more aligned with who we are, and therefore will feel amazing!
Whenever you want to make a change in our lives and start something new your mind will try to stop you, will overthink, find excuses, delay. Why? Because anything new will feel scary, uncertain, difficult and your mind's purpose is to keep you out of danger, keep you safe.

If you want to make a change in your life this year (Let's say for example: start a regular yoga practice!) I have a few tips that could help.
  • Create a ritual that leads or anticipates the behaviour you want to create: Something that in any way prepares you to start whatever it is that you need to do. I don't think it necessarily has to make sense, but it will create a habit. You do X and you know the next thing you do is Y. For example: I always take a shower before I practice or teach Yoga, no matter what. Not matter how tired I am, I do that and I know the next step is to go to my mat. Once I am there... there is no way back.
  • Make it a quick decision. Instead of starting to overthink and analyse. Count backwards 5,4,3,2,1 and do it! If you let more than 5 seconds pass without taking action your brain will find a way to stop you.
  • Don't trust your feeling. If you wait until "you feel like it" you will be stuck forever. Instead, start a chain reaction by making a commitment with someone else or with your budget! Get a subscription, book a term, find a buddy and commit to help each other. Take that first step. Once you do that, the rest will follow.
Motivation is overrated. Don't wait to feel motivated, take the simpler easier action that will move you a little bit further. Little steps are better than nothing!

Remember I am here to support you! I am looking forward to practising with you this year. Find timetable and classes on this link: YOGA FOR BALANCE

See you on the mat!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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