About Us

High quality printed eco yoga mat designed in australia


How Canvasmat was born

It was February 2017 when for the first time I sold my watercolour painting to a complete stranger in Melbourne on Bluethumb. I was blown away and incredibly happy! I am a self-taught artist and had been painting since my teenage years, but never attempted to sell before. This sale made me wonder “If someone pays for my art, I might have some talent”.

But I didn’t want to sell paintings, which is difficult to do at a big scale and, being down-to-earth, who would want to have a painting with my signature? I knew I had to find another way to share my art, other than framed.

At that time, I was working full time in market research and although I enjoyed it, I always had the wish for working on a big cause and making an impact beyond myself. I wanted to create something that somehow would bring benefits to people and at the same time would help with the cause of protecting the environment.

This is how Canvasmat was born. The story of its conception is summarized on our 3 principles: Sustainability, Quality/Functionality and Design. A product that is safer for the environment, a product that is with you during your wellness practice. A mat that is a canvas where I print my art to inspire you on your journey. A “Canvas-mat”.

It is fascinating how life unfolds to transform your story. I didn’t know much about yoga before. Canvasmat took me into this path and gave meaning to this journey.

But that’s another story…

I hope I (and my mats) can accompany you and inspire your journey



Our Principles


We care about the Earth. We care about us and the ones coming after us. We believe our choices matter to help save the planet. This is why we use materials that are safer for the environment and contribute to reduce waste.

Our yoga mats are made of natural tree rubber sourced from Vietnam, which is 100% biodegradable and does not generate additional waste. Our yoga and beach towels are made of recycled plastic bottles, reusing waste that otherwise would damage the environment further.


We work with high quality materials, which make our products to stand out in the market. The quality is observed in their durability and functionality. The materials of our yoga mats provide excellent grip and cushion and you will be able to use them for a long period without having to replace them due to deterioration.


We celebrate authenticity and uniqueness. We create artistic designs that speak to you and help you to enjoy your practice to the fullest.