When we talk about Pilates, we talk about specifics and instructed physical exercises, different movements to increase the strength of our muscles developing flexibility in every Pilates class.

I would like to go further, what is the assembly point for movement? Our body, as a whole element, is part of an eternal and perfect choreography that comes within us from the very first second of our life. The way we exercise is determined by the cycle of breathe-connect-move.

Breathe, empowering myself by breathing.

The first step of our perfect choreography is given by the breath. When we breathe, we become part of natural and involuntary organic dance.

How should I breathe in pilates?  Very smooth but adequate, not too much not too less, just enough to keep performance at your best, breathing with a constant and even rhythm helps to improve the  volume of the blood, reducing excessive anxiety levels, breathing relieves pain, improves posture and go on.

Connection, Our body has not limits, it is wiser than we think.

The importance in this stage lies on how we are connecting the muscles before moving them. Pilates has all the colours of the rainbow, from very basic exercises to the most challenges and advance pilates exercises. The activation of muscles comes from a subtle and natural connection, aiming a much better performance and a healthy body. 

Movement, There is a timing in your body when you recognise that you will ride the wave easily.

Having an optimal distribution of the body, optimal space in joints, then the third concept of this cycle is finally the movement, the exercise indeed.

This natural cycle gives us the knowledge to understand where the exercise comes from, keeping with us the state of meditation for the physical body, where the mind, body and soul are one, finding the perfect harmony even in the smallest movement.

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