According to the Buddhist teachings our unhappiness comes from two sensations experienced in our mind: craving of what we like and aversion of what we don’t.

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Day after day during the course of our lives we hook our joy to the things we like and to the absence of what we don’t like, making our joy, peace and happiness dependent on things we have absolutely no control of. We cross our fingers hoping (and sometimes forcing it) that the things we want happen and expecting (or trying to stop it) that the things we don’t want won’t happen. Because of this, we live our lives going up and down, moving from excitement to disappointment. We are happy when things go as we want and feeling miserable if they don’t. It is a never ending story. We stay hopeful that as some point everything will align and everything will be the way I want… so then, I will be happy.

If you think about it, it doesn’t make any sense. Firstly, because the nature of life is constant change and secondly because we can’t control what occurs. There is no escape to this. Things won’t always go as I want, simply because life doesn’t turn around me. What I perceive to be “good” for me or “liked” by me might result in something that is not perceived as “good” or “liked” by others.

As the waves of the ocean go up and then down, so life unfolds. Making our happiness dependent on our lives always going on the same direction is as absurd as expecting the waves of the ocean always go up and never down. Anchoring our happiness and joy to my likes and dislikes is not sustainable. If we accept this way of living we are bound to experience happiness only at the expense of pain and sorrow.

It might be truth that there is no light without darkness but I truly believe there can be happiness without unhappiness. There will be situations that will be difficult, there will be moments where sadness will be felt, there will be times when we just want to get over something and move on. Yes, that’s all true. Many things that we don’t like will happen. It will occur over and over again.

But you can make the decision to live your happiness within, regardless what’s going on outside. If you believe and create Joy within that is not dependent on your likes and dislikes you won’t ever be bound to trade moments of sorrow in exchange of moments of Joy. You will be free from this circle.

If you want to find lasting happiness and Joy you must first change the way you understand happiness, unhooking happiness from your likes and dislikes. Letting go of my preconceived ideas of what is good and what is not. You might have to let go of certain dreams and open your heart and mind to new and different paths without a definite outcome. Then, find and develop this joy within that exist independent of anything outside of you. Develop this joy so strongly and connect to it so deeply that even when you see something you don’t like, you can still tap into this joy. And when those things you like are taking place you can experience them and appreciate them fully but knowing that your happiness is not dependent on that happening. You can see those “liked” experiences arising and passing away without taking away your joy.

Your life will never be the same. You will find yourself overwhelmed with pure joy and happiness.

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I hope you enjoy this beautiful path to happiness,

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